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Rent Airline Portable Oxygen...What you will need!

It is important to understand your airlines rules and regulations regarding oxygen travel.  It is advisable for your to contact them directly or use the links on the "LINKS" page to find out what you need to know. has done the research for you.


There are three easy steps in renting a portable oxygen concentrator.

1. Prescription for your oxygen

2. Fill out the online rental form or call

3. Contact your airline to inform them of your needs. 



Don't know what you need? Give us a call and a customer service representative will be happy to assist you.  1-800-489-8165


The LifeChoice portable oxygen concentrator is one of the smallest and lightest on the market encompassing a patented "sleep mode" and stylish shoulder bag with included backpack ability.



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LifeChoice Authorized Dealer! LifeChoice Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental - $275/week & $25 a day after that with No late charges! (Includes 2 batteries, bag and all accessories) Additional Batteries are $50/week & $8 a day after that. Rent me now    


Call today to ask about our Rent to Own Program!


$3995.95  *Call for our Holiday blowout specials!  A limited time offer.

Mobility Pack - Free Shipping, Free Finger Oximeter, Free Supplemental battery, Free Loaner Program, Free 24 hour on-call support!  For a limited time get 2 additional years of warranty! That's 5 years bumper to bumper!  




Medicare Beneficiary Eligible Oxygen product!  Call today to see if you qualify! (Service Area - Florida Only)




Inogen One SystemThe LifeChoice Oxygen Concentrator, by Inova Labs, delivers true mobility and independence 24/7. With the new exclusive, patent pending Sleep Mode technology, patients can use the LifeChoice? continuously, 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. The LifeChoice is a pulse dose system designed for Patients requiring 1, 2 or 3LPM of supplemental oxygen.

The exclusive Sleep Mode setting increases the sensitivity to detect breathing by 10 times, to ensure the LifeChoice? can detect nighttime breathing and still supply the patient with the necessary oxygen therapy.

The whole unit weighs less than 5 pounds and is held within the small side carry case (included) which is similar to the size and look of a camera bag.


Mobility ? No cart required.

  • Over 5 hours of battery time = more mobility!
  • Exclusive Sleep Mode technology
    (for 24/7/365 days a year use!)
  • Smallest stationary/portable OC available!
  • Quiet. And, less than 5 lbs!
  • User friendly controls, easy to read keypad.
  • Ready-to-go carry case with strap system for multiple carrying options.
  • Reliable device and smart design.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Reimbursable by insurance and Medicare*.
  • FAA approved for in flight use.
  • Built to last - 3 year warranty included**


The LifeChoice? is a Stationary and Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) with a pulse mode system, delivering oxygen equivalent to a continuous flow of 1, 2 and 3 lpm, and is equipped with state of the art SLEEP MODE* technology. The compact size and light weight (under 5 lbs) make it perfect for maintaining the quality of life all patients seek.

Better Mobility = Better Health

Any doctor will tell you that better mobility equates to a longer, healthier life. No big bulky cylinders or liquid oxygen to lug around. No need for separate portable and stationary machines. And, the LifeChoice? is virtually maintenance free.









Patient Review

Mr. Brian Wilkins 8/1/10


"The LifeChoice Oxygen Concentrator Unit has been a godsend! I can't tell you how happy I am to have done business with your staff. They were so kind and really helped me understand the little differences between each of the units.  The LifeChoice is great for me because I can carry it as a backpack and not have anything hanging off my belt or have to pull it.  The Sleep mode allows me to sleep just fine and it is so easy to use! Thanks Vienna Medical for making this a wonderful experience!"


B.W. 2 liters/min  Florida



This newest generation oxygen concentrator, with its unique technology and portability, will have a profound effect on these patients quality of life and should improve their longevity.

Dr. Robert Emerson



Head of the pulmonary division, Austin Diagnostic Clinic in Austin, Texas. His whole life has changed. He can walk and carry his oxygen with him. He smiles again.

Sandie K.,
Dallas, TX



I now find that I am able to do tasks I could not do before such as working outside, going up and down stairs, and even experiencing the simple joy of once again taking long walks with my dogs. I travel a great deal, and my requirement of having oxygen at night is amply satisfied by the new sleep mode technology built into the LifeChoice.
Bill Clark,
COPD Advocate,
Ironton, OH


My doctor prescribed LifeChoice. It never runs out of oxygen, and now, it's easy for me to go out and work full-time.
William M.
Boston, MA







Extended 3 Hour Battery 3Hr External Battery $279.00

3Hr External Battery. Extended time battery for more mobility. Comes with battery belt carrying case (One External Battery with carry case included with purchase of LifeChoice).
Leather Carrying Case Leather Carrying Case $299.00

Designer Leather premium carrying case. Stylish Design, All Leather, Designer Clasp. Available in Black, Platinum and Gold Specify color when ordering
Standard Carrying Case
Standard Carrying Case $159.00

Standard Carrying case for LifeChoice comes complete with strap system that allows case to be used as a back pack, shoulder strap, waist strap or carried as a briefcase (A carrying case with straps is included with purchase of LifeChoice).


DC Power Adapter $199.00

Used to charge and run the LifeChoice? simultaneously. Used at home or in the car, RV, motor boat etc. (One set included with purchase of LifeChoice?)


AC Power Adapter $199.00

Used to charge and run the LifeChoice? simultaneously. Used at home or in the car, RV, motor boat etc. (One set included with purchase of LifeChoice?)



Your safety and piece of mind is our #1 concern.


  • WE SHIP oxygen TO YOUR DOOR, port of call or airport!
  • Minimum two batteries with every rental!
  • Wall power/charger cord and 12 volt car adapter included with every rental.
  • All canula's and tubing included with every rental.

Our first goal

Assist with the correct product choice in order to provide the best possible solution for your challenge.

Our second goal

Obtain the patient information, prescription and expedite the rental process for you. You can call us toll free or fill out the online rental form.

Our third goal

Provide you with the necessary information to help you understand how to use the product and feel comfortable on your trip.


We ship worldwide NEXT DAY AIR! is a subsidary of Vienna Medical providing all types of medical equipment needed for your travel.

Click on the link below for your Airlines oxygen regulations and procedures


  • Avianca Airlines oxygen
  • Horizon Air oxygen
  • Air France oxygen
  • Icelandair oxygen
  • Alaska Airlines oxygen
  • Lufthansa oxygen
  • Allegiant Air oxygen
  • Mango oxygen
  • All Nippon Airways oxygen
  • Midwest Airlines oxygen
  • Aloha Airlines oxygen
  • Northwest Airlines oxygen
  • America West oxygen
  • Qantas oxygen
  • American Airlines oxygen
  • SAS Airlines oxygen
  • ATA Airlines oxygen
  • Singapore Airlines oxygen
  • Continental Airlines oxygen
  • South African Airways oxygen
  • Delta oxygen
  • Southwest oxygen
  • ExpressJet Airlines oxygen
  • Sun Country oxygen
  • Frontier oxygen
  • US Airways oxygen
  • Hawaiian Airlines oxygen
  • WestJet Airlines oxygen

    Alaska Air oxygen           

    AA - American Airlines oxygen

    American Eagle oxygen

    ATA Airlines oxygen

    Champion Air oxygen

    Chautauqua Air oxygen

    Continental oxygen

    Delta oxygen

    Express Jet oxygen

    Frontier oxygen

    Hawaiian Air oxygen

    Horizon Air oxygen

    Iceland Air oxygen

    KLM (Royal Dutch) oxygen

    Mango oxygen

    Mesa Air oxygen

    Midwest Airlines oxygen

    Northwest Airlines oxygen

    Shuttle America oxygen

    Skybus Airlines oxygen

    SkyWest Airlines oxygen

    Southwest Airlines oxygen

    Sun Country Airlines oxygen


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